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It certainly was a happy 2017 for me.
I started GinAhoy with a love of gin, a love of doing things a little left field, a sense of fun, more balls than sense, and alot of imagination and graft.
But it has been you – The Gin Cruisers who have made GinAhoy the success it has been.
I thank you from the bottom of my gin glass!

You have booked tickets in droves across the UK and proved that I was right give this venture a go.
And the vast majority of ticket buyers, likes, and comments and posts on this page have been from you ladies.
You are driving the gin market and taking it to new places. Believe me, every gin producer I know, and I know alot, including myself, is thankful for you all for boosting the success of this amazing spirit.
But…..which of you have booked the most GinAhoy tickets?
I´ve just totalled up the full list of buyers for 2017.
Here is the list.
Let´s see whats in a name and who are the BIGGEST gin lushes out there!🙂 Enjoy!
16 gin cruises already live and selling for 2018. In Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Edinburgh-Forth, Newcastle, Durham, York and many more to come.
Thanks Again and LONG LIVE THE GIN!
Jay Byers
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Ahoy there! I am Jay Byers. Creator of Gin Ahoy and founder of Steel River Drinks Ltd. Through Gin Ahoy Cruises I have gained alot of experience in the gin industry, alot of contacts and alot of feedback. It has given me the confidence to launch my own gin, STEEL RIVER. And I am excited to own and run both ventures that go hand in hand with other. Gin is a passion and I love being around people who share that love for this amazing spirit. It´s an interesting time in my life and running these two businesses is never dull! I hope you enjoy reading my blog about my various adventures in Ginland.

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