1211 Gin 

is a very interesting gin from Granada, Andalucía, Spain.
The name comes from the fact that the best sample batch they decided on was number 12 and that there are 11 botanicals used in the distillation process.
Using water from the stunning Sierra Nevada mountain range, some usual suspects are here, juniper, cardamom, lemon, tangerine but with a definite earthy herby nod too with rosemary and thyme, amongst others.
On the nose it has these little floral herbacious notes, but juniper and the citrus come through more strongly.
In the mouth, this gin is a little different, and this is because it has been aged in American oak barrels for four months, so it has some smokey herbacious character, some body and is definitely for those wanting to try a big variation on the London Dry style as opposed to a classic.
It does have a clean and long finish, with citrus coming through to cut through the oakiness and floral notes.
The premium look and feel of the gin is finished by adding sheets of 24 carat gold.
Striking and different. Go on we dare you!