45 West Distillery

Are the home of Burleighs Gins, truly one of the most highly regarded new range of gins on the market in the UK right now.
Exceptional quality, consistent, classic, smooth and and an all round good look.
Jamie Baxter is the Master Distiller along with co-founder Phil Burley, this team are producing quality gins that will stand the test of time, long after this gin craze has settled down. Their whole set up is professional and aimed at being a top brand quickly.
From their Leicestershire base, all the botanicals are locally sourced from nearby suppliers and the forests themselves around the distillery. And their Gin Experience tours are taking on a life of their own too.
We love the branding and overall look and feel of the bottle. It is slick yet strong and bold, but very memorable.
Along with extremely high quality distilling and branding, all the gins in the range offer something unique, have character, look great and are a cut above. The Distillers Cut, a stronger version of their Signature gin, is so good, it is one of those gins you can actually sip over ice. And their pink gin, has character, and delightful sweet rose notes, without being too sweet, which many pink gins can be.
We love them all.