Bobbys Dry Gin

is a damn fine gin from Holland´s capital of gin, Schiedam. This is the place where historically gin´s grandfather, Jenever was first produced and that heritage still carries through to today.
The gin is named after Jacobus Alfons, known to his friends and family back in the early 1900s, as Bob or Bobby. He is the grandfather of Sebastiaan, the founder of Bobby’s Dry Gin.
Bobby came to Holland from far off Indonesia and used to make his own Dutch Jenever, infused with flavours that reminded him of his home back in the far east. And it became well known as did Bobby.
It was his recipe that inspired his grandson to make a gin in his honour. And he has made a fine one!
The bottle is stunning and very memorable. As is the gin.
It took almost two years to make Bobby’s, a very fine and balanced distilled gin. Eight botanicals all separately distilled mean the flavours are intense and the eastern spices are balanced perfectly by the more european botanicals and roots. No additives, sugars or extractions here, just a simple pure taste that once drunk, you never forget.