The Da Mhile distillery

was the branchild of a true forward thinking founder John Savage-Onstwedder back in 1992.
A love of Scottish whisky lead to to him commissioning 15 barrels of Springbank whiskey, letting it age on the farm in Wales, ready for its launch at the dawn of the new Millenium. To amazing success.
This lead to him starting the distilley which from small humble beginnings has lead eventally to awards, accolades and some fine gins.
It is still very much a family affair, but Da Mhile gin has alot of reach now.
Especially since the launch of their fine seaweed infused gin, using seaweed from Newquay and the west coast of Ireland. Eccentric and eclectic maybe, but very very good.
The original Botanical gin is a very well made gin, and both are worthy as the flag-bearers of Welsh gins.