Da Mhile Seaweed Gin

This is the second offering from this small batch Welsh distillery. And along with their other offerings are way ahead of any other distillery operating out of Wales. They are the standard bearers and rightly so.
It is made with a variation but reduction of the botanicals used in their Farmhouse Gin, but with the addition of infused seaweed from the Newquay coast, before being triple distilled before bottling.
It was inspired to compliment seafood, and having tried it with oysters, they´ve done the job!
The seaweed evokes a taste of the sea more than necesarily delivering that in buckets and spades.
It does though make the overall gin a savoury one. And those who like that will go for this for sure.
To taste, it is different, eccentric and memorable to say the least. It´s dry, juniper lead, with coriander there too, but the seaweed brings a definite seaside saltiness to it, finished off with hints of mintiness.
A smooth, savoury, very interesting gin that we love.