Gentle Gin Distillery

is a small but perfectly formed batch operation out of Berlin, Germany. The founders are a trio of energetic, fun, very determined guys who want the Gentle brand to fly like the owl on its logo far from its German nest.
And we think it will do just that.
The gins are fun but savvy, like the three guys who make up the business, Marcus the Master Distiller from Ireland, Burray, head of finance from Germany, and Stanislav, originally from St. Petersburg.
But all of their gins are very well made, interesting and on the frontline of a new type of gin.
The Sipping gin.
From their classic Saffron Gin, to their refreshing Dry Tea Gin, to their delicious Rose & Hibicus Gin, all three are so smooth, due to the double distillation, that they can and are encouraged to be drank over the rocks, with little if any tonic or garnish.
Thats a bold statement, but these gins carry it off in style. The boys have done good!