The Pink One

is the third offering from the team from Berlin, Marcus, Stan and Burray. They came to the conclusion a couple of years ago that there were alot of gins, but very few gins that were so smooth that they could be sipped over ice. They liked the simplicity, but quality of this approach.
They have certainly managed to pull it off. All of their gins start their journey with a double distillation of the grain spirit, then the spirit is triple filtered. This attention to detail ensures very smooth gins.
This one looks simply delicious in the bottle and is already selling like hot cakes in Berlin.
It is made with a botanical blend of infused Jamaican hibiscus, pink pepper, rose and lavender.
It has floral aromas as you´d expect with a slight spiciness.
To taste, it is subtle, not overpoweringly sweet, which given its status as a sipping gin is right. With the addition of tonic, this gin delivers a subtle kick of pepper that offsets the breezy gentle floral flavours.
It is a smooth gentle breeze of summer sweetness in a glass.