Gentle Tea Dry Gin

is the second offering from the team from Berlin, Marcus, Stan and Burray. They came to the conclusion a couple of years ago that there were alot of gins, but very few gins that were so smooth that they could be sipped over ice. They liked the simplicity, but quality of this approach.
They have certainly done managed to pull it off. All of their gins start their journey with a double distillation of the grain spirit, then the spirit is triple filtered. This attention to detail ensures very smooth gins.
This gin is tea inspired. But is anything but overstewed. It has a classic dry botanical base, but floral aromas come through too.
To taste it is to appreciate the smoothness and subtlety of the blend of organic, handpicked Earl Grey and Pai Mu Dan teas, resulting in a delicate and complex blend that can be sipped over ice or mixed in more classic gin cocktails.
One of the best sipping gins we´ve tasted.