Manchester Gin

is exactly what this gin is. A gin inspired by and made in the heart of Manchester.
The founder Jennie, fell in love with Manchester and then fell in love in it. Together with her partner, they set about making a gin worthy of that love.
The bottle is beautiful, the look of the logo feels authentic and real and the gins are both crackers.
Like the founders, we have a soft spot for the classic British Dandelion and Burdock drink of our youth and so love the nuences of these flavours through the botanicals in the gin. It is this earthiness, mixed well with citrus notes that make this gin a favourite for us.
It is proudly still small batch, but the gin has a growing reach outside it´s iconic home. Especially now as they have launched their striking bottled Raspeberry version, Pink Manchester Gin.
That will have them coming in droves this summer!