Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin

This is a small batch gin, just 275 bottles are run off at a time.
But that means the care and attention are right there throughout the process.
This is their first offering. A dry gin for sure. Using spring water from Harrogate and a range of botanicals, some of which like a proportion of the juniper berries are actually grown on site.
On the nose, there is strong obvious juniper, a peppery tone which is tempered by a slighty perfumed finish.
The taste is different for sure. The juniper is there at the heart, but citrus comes to the fore when the gin first hits the tongue, but it is the fennel and liquorice that finish it off and give the gin its own character.
So if that´s your preference you will love this gin. Orange peel and some cardamom seeds temper and balance the flavours making a very good G&T.