Mor Irish Gin

is an exceptional, fairy new gin from the Arderin Distillery in Tullamore, Ireland. And is for us, as good as it gets right now from the green isle.
The bottle is simple, elegant and shows you exactly that it is a small batch gem.
It is a beautifully balanced mix of fresh local spring water, four berries and some usual suspects and some local botanicals.
On the nose this gin is beautiful, there is a distinct berry aromas, coming from the blackberries and raspberries, but cut by the dryness of the juniper and cranberries. The floral notes come from the local honeysuckle and coriander.
In the mouth, it is again, beautifully balanced. The juniper comes to you with an earthy hint of rosemary, followed by the berries which tingle rather than burst in the mouth. And that we like, this isnt an overly sweet gin at all.
The perfect serve compliments the gin really well, a wedge of lime to cut the ice and fresh raspberries to bring out the berry profile.
A G&T made in this style using this gin, is very striking, and just very very good.