The Arderín Distillery

in Tullamore, Ireland, is the home of Mor Irish Gin and is to date, our favourite Irish gin. And it is again, a small batch, family affair, based on expert craftsmanship, and very local, and more importantly, very seasonal ingredients and botanicals.
They are not afraid to state that the taste profile of the gin will change subtly over the seasons, but never takes away from the quality of the gin.
Eion Bara is a young man with a vision. He started this distillery with a passion to produce the gin lovers gin. He´s done just that for us. He and his family oversee every aspect of production, bottling, lebelling, marketing and distribution.
Their website is as clean and well made as the gin and the whole set up is very impressive.
The gin is wonderful. Local spring water from the nearby mountains are the base for this gin, that has earthy roots, clear citrus undertones with a very subtle honey sweet background.
But it is the aromas of blackberries that we love that top off the whole gin.
You will see alot more of this gin for sure.