Nordés Gin 

is a lovely gin from the northern Galicia region of Spain.
Galician people are a fiercly proud bunch, and the region is rugged, very green (due to having more rainfall than anywhere in Spain) and has a distinct Celtic feel, as do the people.
This gin is their best offering that is now well known all around Spain, mainly due it being a very distinctive bottle, using different botanicals and just being a damn fine gin.
The base of the gin is made from the distillation of the local Albariño grape, as opposed to the more commonly seen grain-based spirit. This along with some staple botanicals, juniper, lemon peel, cardamon and liquorice, are mixed with lesser used gems such as eucalyptus, laurel, hibiscus and tea.
The result is a bold, floral flavour profile, not too sweet, the tea and juniper just hold through, but it is definitely a morish, easy drinking gin. Perfect on a summers day and excellent in cocktails.
And the bottle, well, we just love it!