Perfect Pours.

There´s the right way. There´s the wrong way. And there is the ´No Way!´

In fact if you walk into a bar and ask for a G&T and get a highball or worse, a low ball glass, with no ice and a sliver of tubbed in lemon, and horror of horrors, post mix tonic! You have our permission to punch the barman in the face.
Ok, a little drastic. Maybe….
Have a stern word with the barman, his manager, and owner of the sorry establishment. Remind them it´s 2017, show them this picture……


…..and walk out, full of ginny smugness.
If you´re not the confrontational type, or are maybe a little more sober, write a strongly worded email!


Right way (for us!). 

2 garnishes, 1 herb max. More than that is a cocktail, or worse, a fruit gin soup!
The Spanish Masters
For us, the Spanish re-invented the G&T. As far back as 2008, bars in Barcelona and Madrid were starting to offer G&Ts in coupe glasses. That started to make its way to Valencia, Granada, Marbella and Ibiza.
Then came more imaginative garnishes. Then floral elements. Lots of ice. Even liquid nitrogen!
Many of the G&T world champions have come from Spain and the country as a whole lives for gin. They are the biggest importer of British gin after the States. And the largest consumer in Europe. It has become an art form to them in many bars around the major cities. But even the humble local, has a dozen different gins on offer. Puts us Brits to shame Im afraid, even now. But things have massively improved here too.


Just take a look at how these G&Ts are prepared by the masters.


With Tanqueray Gin


With Martin Millars Gin


 With Siderit Gin


With Brockmans Gin



Other Perfect Serves by brand


With Bulldog Gin


With Monkey Gin 47


With Gin Mare Gin (and a blow torch!) 


With Brockmans Gin (by Brockmans themselves!)


With Burleighs Gin (by Burleighs themselves)


With Sharish Gin (and burnt apple!)


With Citadelle Gin


With BCN Gin (and red wine!)


With G-Vine Gin


With Adnams Gin


We´ll be adding more videos soon. But I´m sure you get the drift. Do not accept crap gin and tonic. The game has changed. That´s why we love Gin! 

And this is how the G&Ts will be served on our cruises!