Poetic License Distillery

is a superb small batch outfit, that does everything in style.
Truly, a north eastern distillery and a range gins they can be proud of up there.
Mark Hird and the other founders are building something pretty special we feel.
Their website is one of the best we´ve seen and always makes us smile when we hit on it.
It is full of the essence of the best poets, the wild spirit, the unconventional, the imperfect perfections. And this bares out in their fine array of gins.
They are different, full, full to brimming with taste and aromas and each is housed in a truly distinctive bottle, that stands out on any back bar.
The founders wanted to break some rules, and they have, without making their gins too out there. The secret is using local botanicals from their native north east mixed with spicy and exotic additions from sunnier climbs creating bold gins.
Their summer Picnic gin adds sunshine to their Old Tom gin and the Classic Northern Dry gin. All need to be drank to be believed.