Poetic License Northern Dry Gin

is the first offering from founder, Mark Hird and his master distiller Luke Smith from their lovely distillery based in the companies Roker Hotel. And it is a fine gin.
It is a wonderfully presented dry gin that is steeped in the classic london Dry style but has plenty of individual character to set it apart from the pack.
Being a classic style, on the nose the juniper is up front and central, as well as other staples as coriander seeds and angelica root. Cardamom provides perfume and is very well complimented by dried Persian lime which gives the gin a zesty whiff.
To taste, the juniper is big and upfront, giving a fresh piney start, but the citrus is clear, and finely balanced undertones of lemon and eucalyptus are finished with a spiciness that brings together an all round damn fine gin.
A north eastern gin that will travel far!