Poetic License Old Tom Gin

is the second offering from founder, Mark Hird and his master distiller Luke Smith from their lovely distillery based in the companies Roker Hotel. And it is a very good example of this type of gin.
Historically, Old Tom gin, if you think in family terms to styles of gin is the father to the London Dry. Traditonally sweeter in taste. Poetic´s version is again wonderfully presented in the bottle and doesn´t dissapoint in taste with plenty of individual character to set it apart from the pack.
This gin has been barrel aged that adds sweetness and woody tones to it. On the nose it has a subtle sweetness with an oakiness that gives way to spice.
To taste, it is a gem. Rose petals give a floral note but there are notable citrus hints. The oak from the barreling seeps through beautifully and the gin is finished with a subtle spiciness that lingers.
If you stay clear of Old Tom gins because of the sometimes over the top sweetness, this one is well worth a go.
The boys from Sunderland are doing the north east proud!