Poetic License Picnic Gin

is the third offering from founder, Mark Hird and his master distiller Luke Smith from their lovely distillery based in the companies Roker Hotel. And it is a delicious summer gin.
Think summer, think Wimbledon, think strawberry´s and cream and you are right there with this gin.
The team have created a gin that is packed with British summer goodiness. But without being sweet and over the top sickly. This isnt a liqueur after all.
The colour and look of the bottle scream drink me on a sunny afternoon. The gin has big aromas of strawberry but is tempered with some citrus notes and spiciness.
To taste it is surprisingly creamy, with obvious strawberry flavours, but just enough juniper dryness to avoid it clinging.
It´s a limited edition wheeld out for the summer, so get it while you can!