Puerto de las Indias Strawberry Gin

is the best selling pink gin in Spain right now. And is something of a phenomena. In 2013 the distillery sold 140,000 units. Last year they sold over 8 million. That´s how much the Spanish love their gin and love this in particular!
Based out of Seville in sunny Andalucia, this gin was actually a mistake. The master distiller had wanted to create a strawberry liqueur, but added mashed strawberries to a gin he was working on and after some experimentation the original recipe was born.
This gin looks like it could be too fruity but they have held back somewhat. The Spanish do like their strong flavoured gins, but this one is soft and delicate.
There´s obvious aromas of strawberry and juniper on the nose, but the taste of strawberry is subtle and there are delicate touches of liquorice and gentle citrus notes on the palate.
It´s a must try if you are going exploring on your gin adventures!