Strathearn Distillery

is a true premium and artisan set up. Nestled near the village of Methven in Perthshire, is probably Scotland’s smallest distillery. But its reach is now far and wide and the gins, whiskies and other products are winning awards and accollades a plenty.
The Distillery is the brainchild of Tony Reeman Clark, and his gins are as balanced, as generous and as individual as the man himself! He has assembled a small, but strong team, who are just absolutely passionate about the art of distilling and making damn fine spirits.
They distill a varied range of premium gins which are now widely marketed across Scotland and beyond.
They have heavy lead Juniper gins, a heavy lead citrus variety, a stunning Heather Rose gin, that actually changes colour as the tonic meets the gin, and have a very interesting smoked gin, that you sip like a good whisky.
Their cocktail range of the same gins come in at 60.5% ABV and are perfect for cocktails. We can pay testament to that!
For us, this is the perfect type of small batch set up, it has heart, is full of personalities, is pioneering and always there to help others starting out in the industry and ready to go almost anywhere to promote it too!